Yugioh dating sim game

The problem is that either you would have to have 2 characters to play as, on being male and the other female, or there would be an insult to players because they would have characters doing some same sex dating.it would be nice if they gave us a female character to play as though, it really wouldnt be that much of a stretch for this game to be called a dating sim as it is, except you are cultivating friendship instead of romance.I remember playing TF4 and going through Misty's story.I was hooked, but too bad the relationship didn't go further.

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XD Though I'd be all for a full-blown dating sim/YGO combo.Like Yusei at four hearts saying something like "Our bond is unbreakable." Something like that.And maybe the girls being more flirty at four hearts. It would be nice...kinda but I think they do a good enough job, like in TF3 when you tagged with Obelisk blue Blair and she says she is in love with your character and not Jaden [honestly why she liked him in the first place is beyond me]. Of course it would be nice to see that but it wont happen, at least...Also Misty did seem to have a strong bond with Red Hat after her storyline. in a "Children Card Games" NEVER XD 4Kids will never allow such a felling that can ¿corrupt? I would at least like to see some changes in text that might hint at deep feeling of trust/love.

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