Who is russell kane dating

Kane admits that he suffers from "Britishioporosis".

One illuminating anecdote involves him sharing a hot tub with two superstars and not knowing where to look.

So, Russell Kane, the comedian (the one who looks like Nick Grimshaw), who was raised between Southend and a step over the border in Brimsdown, has just moved into his new detached house down a quiet road in Woodford.

"It's unbelievable," he says, notably pleased with himself.

"I actually shop with Ocado." Kane is now conducting a "Smile Experiment" for Barclaycard Unwind, trying to make people laugh in awkward locations — such as on the top of a bus, which he knew would be tricky. "I could have done ceramics," he says, but, "bang, I was good at [comedy]." His style is largely "cannibalistic" with routines about his life in which "all my stories are true".

Despite his talent, after quitting work and before the success came, "I definitely went on bankruptcy websites a couple of times," he says.

AFTER last year's Sachsgate debacle, Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand gave some people the impression that contemporary comedy might be boastful, bullying and vindictive but it could never be accused of being clever.

Russell Kane, a shortlisted nominee for last year's If.comedy Awards, will make a convincing job of proving otherwise when his UK tour pulls into Glasgow later this month.

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"I say Lidl because it makes me sound humble," he admits. He began doing stand-up as a hobby after work at an advertising agency at a colleague's suggestion. I have no co-ordination and I loathe all forms of sport. And Ludovico Einaudi, a horribly mawkish mainstream composer. A man stuck at the age of 17 who's finally found what he wants to do and is ready to start ageing. I thought it was so cool, but now I'd like to travel through time and stab myself. a Toyota Prius hybrid, so I can feel better about myself as I drive to the airport to fly to Australia for the fifth time in a year. I'm 10 minutes from the beach and I never want to live anywhere else.

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