Updating database using disconnected architecture

In integrated capture mode, the Oracle Golden Gate Extract process interacts directly with the database log mining server which mines or reads the database redo log files and captures the changes in the form of Logical Change Records (LCRs.) LCRs are written to the Golden Gate trail files.

In integrated mode, the Replicat process leverages the apply processing functionality that is available within the Oracle database.

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The convention is that the replication source environment has red banners, while the replication target environment has green banners.

Oracle Golden Gate 11g introduced the Integrated Extract feature; Integrated Replicat was delivered with Oracle Golden Gate 12c.

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In this mode, Replicat operates as follows: This OBE instructs on how to configure data capture using Integrated Extract and how to configure data delivery using Integrated Replicat.

There is one Linux host (or one Virtual Machine) running a 64 bit version of Linux (OL 6.x,) which runs the Oracle RDBMS 12c R1 (12.1.0).

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