Updating catalogs backup exec 2016

Reset the database status to previous status –Following statement will update only one row in database If there is any issue while doing above process to fix the error let me know.Make sure that you have done all the steps in order and restarted SQL Server where it is mentioned.These are the shadow copies that the Windows guest operating system takes on it’s own filesystem (completely unrelated to VMware).To my surprise after doing this, not only was I able to create a quiesced snapshot, but the snapshot processed almost instantly (200x faster than previously when it was functioning).For the last couple days, one of my test VMs (Windows Server 2012 R2) has been experiencing this issue and the snapshot has been failing with the following errors: As always with standard troubleshooting, I restarted the VM, checked for VSS provider errors, and insured that the Windows Services involved with snapshots were in their correct state and configuration.

This morning during troubleshooting, I went ahead and deleted all the Windows Volume Shadow Copies which are internal and inside of the Virtual Machine itself.

I can add that as a workaround I just reordered the build steps so that the cocoa pods resources gets copied before the standard xcode build step.

That way I get my target dependent resources copied last.

Make sure the path is physical, if you put logical file name it will return an error.8. This should be resolve the problem mentioned above.

I always check consistence of the database as well as I reset the status of the database to original status.10.

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