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I don't read the news so don't keep abreast of the local crime scene, but my old hauswarden was a paramedic and he told me it all goes on in Basel, stabbings, rapes, assaults, etc, etc, etc.

Basel has the same problems as any other large town in Europe.

It's in the middle of redlight area with hookers, but its in the heart of Basel, and very close to Messe. Only 2 mins to tram, other than exhibition times its price should be attractive compared to its location.

A tram stop is a 1- minute walk away from Hotel White Horse.Just a heads up for the ladies (I'm not being condescending) Over the last couple of weeks, at least two rapes and sexual assaults in Basel. Last year a woman was raped in a public toilet down there in daylight hours.One by the Rhine, one in Shuttzenmatt Park, another in Gundeli. Please don't get complacent, and take the same precautions you would in your home country, and in my opinion, don't go along the Rhine alone. Aside form this, you are nearby to a lot of the main point of interest in the town The small Hotel White Horse is located in the heart of Basel's nightlife district in the centre of the city, only 7 minutes' walk or 2 bus stops from the fairgrounds. Location was excellent, as long as you are comfortable with the idea of being in the middle of the red light district.

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