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Sporting an even bigger and tighter physique than when last we saw him, Pepe is now pushing his body to new heights of greatness.

Of course he was only three years old so obviously he wasn’t anywhere near being silent about his twig and berries.However recently my son and I had a mind blowing, slightly awkward chitchat with about genitals, sexually transmitted diseases and the emotional aspects of sexual relationships.“It was eight account managers, and it was pretty much dedicated to just bashing everybody in sales, from the top, top people, all the way down.” Within two hours, word had spread to the entire sales team, which spent a Friday afternoon reading the channel’s history start to finish.“There was some borderline racist stuff,” she remembers.And that is why my buddy had a few vodka drinks instead of her usual single bottle of beer that particular night before talking with her boy about keeping his peen activity private.If you have a son, you know what I’m talking about.Hell, if you have a man in your life you know what I’m talking about.

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