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Despite her repeated denials of having a romantic relationship with Dr. Even more surprising is that Camp Crystal continues to deny there is anything romantic going on between the couple.

Phil’s son Jordan Mc Graw, TMZ is now reporting Crystal Harris has moved in with him. A “source” insists the two not dating but rather just really good friends, while Jordan is helping Crystal produce her music album.

This is why it is helpful to know about his dating history and rumored affair.

Together they had two sons, Jay who was born in 1979 and Jay who was born in 1986.

Sources close to Crystal, Playboy Playmate and former fiance of Hugh Hefner, reveal she officially moved into Jordan’s Hollywood Hills home a couple weeks ago though she had been crashing at the place on and off for months … But get this, the same “sources” add that neither Crystal nor Jordan is opposed to a relationship, and that if something romantic unfolds, so be it. Sounds like PR talk for slowly introducing the couple to the public in hopes that people won’t figure out Crystal was two-timing Hef during her engagement.

It is also believed Crystal called off her engagement to Hef to be with Jordan, you know, full time.

Phil had been trying for 10 years to get Jordan Mc Graw's band on the show. He feels quite certain he scored lots of points with Robin for his efforts in the romance category.

His utilization of son Jordan Mc Graw's band to wish Robin Happy Valentine's Day now makes just about everything else pale in comparison.

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Whether it is a mother and daughter’s relationship or a husband and wife, he has plenty to say to help bring them closer and repair damage to the relationship. However, there has been no evidence to corroborate this testimony and Dr. Some people say that due to the length of time it took her to come forward and the unfounded basis of her claims that she was simply seeking publicity.The talks of a romantic relationship first came out in March after Life & Style revealed the two were seen getting cozy at a Hollywood night club. Crystal is 25-years-old while Jordan turns 25 a month from today. TELL US – CRYSTAL AND JORDAN: TOTALLY DOING THE HORIZONTAL TANGO NO?So it appears Crystal has a lot more in common with him than she did with that 85-year-old former fiance of hers. "I was like whatever, I'll get OK at guitar and find a band, then from the second I got in a room with other musicians, that was it.It was over." "When we wrote 'Vibe,' it was the turning point for when we figured out what exactly we wanted to sound like, so it was like the most exciting moment we could've had in the studio," he explained of the new song, which is now available.

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