Intimidating xbox gamertags

Best to report the account, leave a comment when given the option, and let MS deal with it. I'm actually quite sad that annoying bots have managed to reach the Xbox platform :( There have been 1,512 posts in the last 24 hours.FTR, Laudable Tree856 is one of these bots as well. There are currently 3,345,563 forum posts across the 7,674 forums.People spent months after the election trying to figure out why, in their words, the polls were wrong. One of her biggest problems was that she took the high road too much.As a pascifist that's a weird thing to say, but I feel like if she had just went back at him a little she would have gotten a lot more respect from people.

@ Deez L Virus, I think it just glitched out and kicked him off.

reply back to them, and youll get the same canned responses, which ultimately point you to a chat site (with girls who are waiting for YOU).... potential blackmail (like the madison ashley from a small while back before it got hacked (& indeed after this too))The reason theyre asking for age...

and of course require a credit card to be entered to allow you to access.... is to make sure the person is over 18 (because otherwise grooming, and under 18's shouldnt have access to credit card details, so theyre not profitable)Just about to make this thread , but yes, they are bots. When the first bot account added me, I thought it was an actual person, but then after a couple of messages it started writing the exact same answers it had written before a second time.

A cool gaming clan name can be hard to come up with, ideas for a clan name can start with what sort of clan you have.

Is your clan a just for fun clan or a professional clan?

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