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I’m posting these so you will be able to pick out the tell-tale signs, like “hope to read from you asap.” I’m responding, because I like to see what I get. To find out how you can donate to this real, and worthy cause just by finding Craigslist scams like this one, and writing informative and funny posts about them, fill out this one minute form: Hello, My name is Cathy Moore, I am 27 years old from Australia.

I’ve gone back and forth quite extensively with these scammers. I am working with a local humanitarian organization here in Victoria on children with heart related diseases.

According to the internet’s best debunker of falsehoods,, the Get a Free 0 Coupon from Lowe’s originated in May of 2015 for Memorial Day. Our colleagues at Lite in Boise, ID called Lowe’s who confirmed there is no social media campaign involving a 0 coupon for Father’s Day.

Now here’s what happens, on your Facebook feed, you will get a picture of a coupon from Lowe’s.

I believe in all honesty that if the next presidential hopeful said "If I'm elected, I will mandate that Facebook add a dislike button" they would probably win by a landslide.

Don’t allow yourself to be persuaded to send ANYONE money, unless you have previously agreed to purchase the goods (or services) and on the price.Kristen Siebneicher, a spokeswoman for Great Adventure, made this statement: Recently some of our guests received email offers for free tickets that appear to be generated from Six Flags …Unfortunately these emails are being sent from an unknown source and the free tickets are a scam.As a result, we must all endure a deluge of spam posts, Scareware, rogue applications bent on stealing our personal data, and every other kind of con and hoax you can think of.Here are the top 5 most popular types of scams that you should keep an eye out for:1.

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