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At present, free condoms are available to young people in Scotland - but involve a visit to a GP, school nurse or sexual health clinic, which can prove an embarrassing barrier to many.

Scottish ministers are desperate for new ways to to tackle the nation's problem with teenage pregnancy, which has remained at a consistently high level for the past decade.

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The plans - based on a scheme which has been successful in England - would see drop-in centres dishing out 'no questions asked' contraception six days a week.

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The sheriff's office found about this threat of violence on March 23, after her father notified the school."I believe the father in coming forward actually averted a disaster, a tragedy; a catastrophic event," said Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to continue to use the Facebook app but not use the in-app browser.Two bailiffs died when an inmate pulled a gun from one of the officers and shot both while being escorted in a Michigan courthouse.Chris Mc Govern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, insisted it should be left for parents to decide on matters involving their child's sexual health. Britain does have a bad record of teenage pregnancy and obviously things need to be done, but a lot of initiatives - such as free condoms being made available in the community - act as an encouragement to have sex."We are not supportive of governments or councils making decisions on these matters.Parents should be central to their children's decisions over contraception."Similarly, a spokesman for the Scottish Catholic Church said: "Every strategy used to reduce teenage pregnancies over the past decade has failed.

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