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While some of the negatives of living in a developing country can be managed by carefully choosing your specific area, there are others that can never be overcome. That’s important to know before you spend valuable time and money transplanting your life and all your worldly goods to a place thousands of miles away from friends and family. Many countries even offer free health care at public clinics and hospitals, although a lot of expats opt to pay for private care.

A specialist costs closer to , and an ER visit runs around 0.

Meet our knowledgeable experienced "Hey everyone I discovered this site and found Winston Wu's articles to mirror my experiences in Texas and the USA. Of course, we firmly believe that the benefits of living here far outweigh any negatives. Here’s a list of what we think are some of the biggest pros and cons of living abroad in Central America. The countries of Central America boast some of the best weather you’ll find anywhere in the world. Every year, tons of expats move to Central America only to realize that a life in the Latin tropics isn’t right for them. We probably don’t have to tell you all of the many things there are to love about living abroad in Central America. We’re going to tell you the not-so-great things as well. citizens sing about being “the land of the free.” But, if you really want to understand what freedom feels like, move to Central America. Most larger cities have hospitals that rival those in the U. A lot of medical practitioners in Central America speak English, and many doctors even trained in the U. As a result, many Central American countries are beginning to emerge on the medical tourism scene, with patients traveling abroad to undergo procedures ranging from heart transplants to facelifts.there are no immediate plans to return permanently to the US).Why travel when you can be dating single Russian women in USA?

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