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Once you've joined, if you have Russian roots in either your mother's or father's lineage, you'll be eligible to belong to Family Tree DNA's "Russia-Slavic DNA Project".

Russians are the dominant ethnicity in Russia today.

Yoshkar-Ola brides possess a natural beauty, typical of all Slavic people.

They have fair hair, sensual lips, large eyes and a fair complexion. They look so good also because they take a good care of themselves.

The main ancestors of the Russians included Krivichians, Radimichians, Vyatichians, Severians, and the Ilmen Slavs (Il'menskie slavyane), all of whom were East Slavs.

But it is also known that some families of ethnic Russians intermarried with Finnic and Uralic peoples and with Volga Tatars centuries ago.

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The database also includes Belarusians, Ukrainians, Poles, and many others.They are mature personalities with a warm heart and a generous soul.If you want to meet the queens of the Northern capital, register a profile at this online dating service.The Russian language belongs to the East Slavic family and is related to Ukrainian and Belarusian.The Russian people, too, are closely related to their Belarusian and Ukrainian neighbors, and also fairly close to Poles and Slovenians, who speak other forms of Slavic.

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