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Quinn later told CNN that in confronting the Afghan commander, "I picked him up, threw him to the ground multiple times and Charles did the same thing.

We basically had to make sure that he fully understood that if he ever went near that boy or his mother again, there was going to be hell to pay." The Army later reversed its decision to discharge Martland.

Brezler should be honored by the Marine Corps for his foresight.

officials supported major anti-corruption investigations in Afghanistan. Brezler got Sarwar Jan removed from power, or at least sent away from his privileged position on the U. Brezler, by then a Brooklyn firefighter and a reservist, dispatched a warning the moment he found out. Seventeen days later, a boy Sarwar Jan had been using for sex shot four Marines, killing three. His lawyer, Michael Bowe, plans to draw a comparison to the treatment of Hillary Clinton, who also kept sensitive information on a private server. Or, in the case of Sarwar Jan, that a humiliated and physically violated teenager lashed out, turning a Kalashnikov on Marines who seemed to be protecting and enabling his tormentor.

The Army later issued a statement saying, "Out of respect for Chairman Thornberry's continued strong support for our military, and his personal appeal, Secretary Mc Hugh has agreed to postpone Sgt.

First Class Martland's discharge from the Army for 60 days to allow him to file an appeal with the Army Board for the Correction of Military Records." The New York Times reported that in 2011 Martland and Special Forces Capt.

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The boys are often ostracized for being "objects of lustful attraction," and one judge said the practice is an "addiction worse than opium." Some officers, the judge added, would rather lose their jobs than give up their bachas.Martland left the Army and Quinn was discharged, a decision that was later reversed.A mixture of police corruption and a lack of firm legislation also leads to the victimization of young boys."The Taliban are sending boys, beautiful boys, handsome boys, to penetrate checkpoints and kill, drug, and poison policemen," says a former police chief, adding that rampant pedophillia is the "biggest weakness of police forces." Over the past two years, hundreds of officers have been killed this way, according to officials, with at least six such killings being reported between January and April.One former officer recollected a bacha killing seven officers when he opened fire in a camp in the middle of the night. Daniel Quinn reported that Afghan police commander Abdul Rahman had regularly raped a boy that he kept chained to his bed.

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